Code Switching

by cranes are flying

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First 2 singles from Code Switching. Full EP out 8/16/17!!


releases August 16, 2017

Lucas Carine, Robin Carine, George Cosgrove, recorded at the Zone in 2016. Mastered by Bob Iacono.



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cranes are flying Philadelphia

Code Switching coming AUG 2017


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Track Name: Don't Wake Me Up
face first, leading with exposed skin
spread thin and i'm sleeping i'm sleeping in
leveling out, retract my prior statement
i'm riddled with doubt, i'm riddled with cautious self confidence.

it's 1pm, i haven't done a single thing i'm proud of
since 1am, i think i told ya to go fuck right off
stick your neck out, retract your prior statement
cause once again, i'm doing what i can.

don't wake me up cause i'm not done
avoiding everyone
don't wake me up.

states' words, the status of the union
we're spread thin we're not speaking of speaking
rip up the floorboards, pretending like we've earned this
so what did we learn? what do we deserve? what do we deserve?

don't wake me up cause i'm not done
avoiding everyone, don't wake me up
just slide a note under my door and walk away
i'll be right here, right here.
Track Name: The Patriarch
We've both been in much worse trouble before, it's easy
You ought to scrunch up your trapezius more, honey
Tell me what you're like, and I'll patiently ignore your lie
You're likely to find me patrolling and holding tight

Don't know if it consoles you, but the man you knew
Was only the me I chose to be near you
I'm ready to go in a moment and you should be too

I dragged my ass out here for one reason
And it wasn't because I wanted to consort with your annoying boyfriend
The end of the road was miles ago - why is it we proceeded forth?
Because you are so lonely and I am so easily bored?

Stay naked & get in front of me
It'll be okay
Yea I may be trudging along lovelessly
But you're the one fucking a tumbleweed
Relationship shit is for suckers and
You're lucky you're even seeing me
We can wait till the ruckus has cleared
Then tuck into beers and leave, displaced

And that way, nobody loses face
No one's in a position to complain
If you would just please refrain from
Needing anything

I have no interest in your
Feelings on what I said wrong
& I wrote a song for you
Called "Honesty is a