Code Switching

by cranes are flying

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face first, leading with exposed skin spread thin and i'm sleeping i'm sleeping in leveling out, retract my prior statement i'm riddled with doubt, i'm riddled with cautious self confidence. it's 1pm, i haven't done a single thing i'm proud of since 1am, i think i told ya to go fuck right off stick your neck out, retract your prior statement cause once again, i'm doing what i can. don't wake me up cause i'm not done avoiding everyone don't wake me up. states' words, the status of the union we're spread thin we're not speaking of speaking rip up the floorboards, pretending like we've earned this so what did we learn? what do we deserve? what do we deserve? don't wake me up cause i'm not done avoiding everyone, don't wake me up just slide a note under my door and walk away i'll be right here, right here.
Polyglot 03:29
Don't leave the keys in the pot this time Just drop 'em in the slot Too many crazies out Blowing up the spot I know i get to decide At what time I let the next concession ride That it would be easier if you'd keep them And that's kinda why... Trustworthy Precious I know I asked you to go, but don't go 'Cus guess who's gonna show I sorta neglected to reckon she would We planned this months ago On a level i knew it was A totally bonehead move Guess I'm just not through Getting ready for you Pushover Kiss-ass People-pleaser Polyglot Yea, I fully understand you In your shoes, I'd be angry with me too Listen, I'm just now scared to put this phone down & I sincerely hope we see each other around I didn't come here to fight, but it might Be time to take a breather I'm not a cheater but you're right To feel deceived - Burning Through my goodwill for the night Just like a fire in a theater Easier said than did The decisions of a leader True, I really agree with you But we never etched this in permanent, remember? I just get the feeling, once this moment ends That we won't be running into each other again It was awkward like a sonnet That's my apology, you keep it if you wanna & my hands Are as clean as they are tied I'll come and pick up the bed sometime When I can find a ride Besides the unsaid reason for the drive
Dullard 03:27
Your shit is pretty boring Your success is annoying I used to want you on my team Your thing is you're too respected Your wit is never tested You never remember your dream Week in, week out Garbage in, garbage out Sneak in, chicken out Garbage in garbage out Was it too much praise At too young an age? Maybe the duck's just lame Or luck is the game's name Fuck it! What doesn't suck? What's enough fame? What's in your name That's gonna snuff this flame? Week in, week out Garbage in, garbage out Sneak in, slink out Garbage in, garbage out For the record, I don't Customarily complain At least nothing special jumps to the brain But just for once I'd love to be lumped in with you cunts And jump on a plane I will not be ordinary I will not be bored anymore I will not be your canary I am done being poor I will not be ordinary I cannot afford the remorse I will not be ordinary I will not be ignored
ESPO 04:25
There's a flaw in the logic of your perception of me Well routed in confirmation biases Like i thought that i knew who you where based on what you presented It's unfortunate For what I want I can wait I will wait 4800 years There's a tacit conclusion of tribe thoughtlessly Prescribed by they that reside in this myopic state of mind Like i thought that i knew who you were based on what you present It's irrelevant, what's the point of it See me like I see you If you were here I'd be home by know, so hold on tight As you wildly flail for your life with your eyes Motionlessly beside me deciding what I like and don't like about you Fantasy and projections preclude anything you could present What's the point of it, it's all bullshit For what i want i can wait I will wait 4800 hundred years
We've both been in much worse trouble before, it's easy You ought to scrunch up your trapezius more, honey Tell me what you're like, and I'll patiently ignore your lie You're likely to find me patrolling and holding tight Don't know if it consoles you, but the man you knew Was only the me I chose to be near you I'm ready to go in a moment and you should be too I dragged my ass out here for one reason And it wasn't because I wanted to consort with your annoying boyfriend The end of the road was miles ago - why is it we proceeded forth? Because you are so lonely and I am so easily bored? Stay naked & get in front of me It'll be okay Yea I may be trudging along lovelessly But you're the one fucking a tumbleweed Relationship shit is for suckers and You're lucky you're even seeing me We can wait till the ruckus has cleared Then tuck into beers and leave, displaced And that way, nobody loses face No one's in a position to complain If you would just please refrain from Needing anything I have no interest in your Feelings on what I said wrong & I wrote a song for you Called "Honesty is a Prison"
Be still my idiot brain, these ruminations feel like a plague Every decision I've made a string of regrets, endless as shame Is it early or late is there something to save We never know how much our breath is really a waste I seen you paddling upstream, 50th street shiny and skippering Row your gondola toward me, reality takes over life but, to dream Is it early or late, to say what I want Is there something to save or is it too far gone We never know how much our breath is really a waste Why couldn't i love you right The burden bears down on me I'm starting to feel my legs creaking and waeakening if this is only a dream then why's it seem like I couldn't love you right Is it early or late Is there something to save or is it too far gone You never know how much our breath is really a waste Why couldn't I love you right


Code Switching was engineered, produced and mixed by cranes are flying.


released August 16, 2017

Lucas Carine, Robin Carine, George Cosgrove, recorded at the Zone in 2016. Mastered by Bob Iacono.


all rights reserved



cranes are flying Philadelphia

Code Switching coming AUG 2017

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